"Riff Sorce here. I love the feel of my guitar once the fretboard is cleaned with the Fast Axe Multi-Purpose cleaning tool. My fretting hand moves effortlessly and gives me the ability to have the freedom I need to play difficult technical phrases. Oh yeah my guitars looks awesome too!"

-Riff Sorce

In 2004 Chosen to play on Guitars at an Exhibition Vol 2.

7 record releases from Sorcery Records, selling
thousands of cd's world wide.

23 years of playing experience
Studies with guitar greats Thomas Pecora,Toshi Iseda, Jack Wilson, and Tom Hess.

Has Performed consistently on Illinois stages since

Visit Riff at http://www.riffsorce.com

"After repeated uses by most of my guitar students, as
well as repeated uses on my personal gear, I can say that the Fast Axe is a fantastic maintenance tool that should be in every guitarist's case.
It is a fast, safe, effective, & inexpensive way to keep your guitars
clean from top to bottom, under the strings, and in every nook & cranny.Definitely a winner!"

- David McLean

David M. McLean is an independent musician who runs Skinny Devil Music Lab, performs solo (clinics & gigs) or with his duo ALIEN BLUE, teaches privately, writes instructional columns for a variety of music web-sites, conducts the "Guitar Gods" interview series for Tinfoil Music, runs a small recording studio, and more. His solo work features rather outlandish electric & acoustic guitar (hard rock format), and his duo finds him almost exclusively playing acoustic guitar in a bluesy format.

Visit http://www.skinnydevil.com
Zack Uidl is a contracted Musician for the Woodstock Opera House.
He is a professional Instructor both privately and via correspondence.
Zack is a co-music director for the WCA.
He maintains steady performances throughout Chicago and neighboring cities with acoustic, jazz, fusion, and rock groups.
He has studied with such great musicians as Tom Hess, Zvonimir Tot, Mike Walsh, and Jody Fisher.
Zack is currently recording a full-length album with a progressive rock band.
Will be releasing an instructional series for seven string guitarists in late 2006.
He will be instructing at an Electric Guitar Workshop.
Visit Zack at

“Fast Axe is the perfect tool for maintaining a clean instrument, as well as any other items that you have in the studio. I use these for my computers, keyboards, guitars, etc. and it is all very safe and works with the greatest quality. I rely on the Fast Axe to keep my strings clean for shows so I am able to play anything, even if it is in 13/16 time and has 1,600 notes per minute. Thank you Fast Axe.”

-Zack Uidl - Guitarist


"I've been waiting for someone to invent this for years! Ingenious! It looks cool and gets the job done and I don't have to take my strings off for a good cleaning."

-Jerry Connor, Monkeysoop guitarist

With a debut CD released through Sonic Wave International in June 2004, and a Grammy consideration for 'best rock instrumental performance in 2005.
"Monkeysoop gives guitar fanatics something to talk about. The trio creates a brand of instrumental rock that runs the gamut from
fleet-fingered flurries delivered by the likes of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani to a more playful pop approach ."(Jim Beal, the San Antonio Express News Weekender.)

For more info regarding new CD releases,
tour dates, and more.

Visit: www.monkeysoop.com


The feedback really does speak for itself. So many musicians like it for the road and at home. Although a lot of people that are not musicians whom I've met or known like it for other appliances.

-Tim Uskup
President of Fast Axe Inc.