I'm truly greatful to have the support of people who genuinely believe that my product is a great tool to have by the amp or computer.Thank you again for help spreading the word.
-Tim Uskup
President of Fast Axe Inc.

"Fast Axe is definitely the Swiss Army Knife of guitar cleaners. This gizmo gets into places only dreamed of before. And without taking off the strings. I love it."

-Jim Peterik

Grammy Award-winning songwriter and founding member of the Ides of March and Survivor.

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"Your Fast Axe is a very handy little tool. I've
got racks full of vintage guitars that need dusting
on a weekly basis and your tool has proven to be very useful."

-Bruce Hastell
Bruce Hastell has performed & recorded with many legendary artists including members of:

The Beatles, Wings, Bad Finger, Heart, Allman Brothers, Molly Hatchet, Charlie Daniels Band, and many others.

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"As the owner of Emile's Fine Guitars, I am a Suhr dealer and own the world's largest collection of Michael Stevens guitars. I maintain the integrity of these instruments out of respect for the makers and buyers of the most beautiful guitars in the world. I have been using Fast Axe every day for a year, and consider it my first line of defense against scratches on the finishes of new and used guitars.

Normal polishing cloths can trap the heavy abrasive grit that builds up under the strings, acting like sandpaper on a guitar finish. Fast Axe lets you remove it safely, and also eliminates finger punctures caused by the sharp string tips on the headstock. It has a brush that's ideal for bridge dust removal and fingerboard cleaning and maintenance. That's why I endorse, sell, and truly love the Fast Axe. It's a vital tool for anyone who cares about taking care of their guitar."

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"The Fast Axe is a great tool! It works well with my guitars, basses keyboards and my computers.
A quick and easy way to clean."

Kenn Smith - Bassist, Guitarist

"Fast Axe is the perfect guitar cleaning tool for the road.Cleans the neck,bridge ,and body all without removing strings.A guitar tech's dream !!
"Fast Axe handles all your guitar cleaning needs and is impeccably stylish with its familiar guitar shape."

-Wally Dentz ,Bassist for The Bellamy Brothers.

Wally joined the Bellamy Brother's band in 1983. He plays bass guitar and harmonica. He also functions as the Bellamy's road manager. Also known as the 3rd Bellamy Brother, Wally Played on "Two and Only", "When we Were Boys", "Strong Weakness", "Sons of Beaches", "Over the Line", "Reggae Cowboys", and "Lonely Planet" albums.

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Kenn Smith, a 20 years professional touring & session bassist & guitarist,has performed with many great artists such as: Tower of Power, Stanley Turrentine,Stanley Jordan, Wynton Marsalis, members of the Miles Davis Band, to name a few.

His music and impeccable technique are
consistently described as a "soulful, organic experience", earning him the honor as one
of the bass and guitar greats.

He has written and performed in various
styles of music ranging from Classical to Jazz to Progressive Rock and World Music.

He has released two guitar disc "BLUE" and "TWO", a solo bass disc titled:
"Short Stories and a bass instructional book titled "Funk Licks".

Kenn is currently performing bass clinics, writing articles for Mel Bay's online bass webzine "Bass Sessions"and
other bass related books and magazines as well as writing and recording for his new progressive rock band "The Elements of Life"
Visit Kenn at http://www.kennsmith.com